Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Look for the gifts

Leih hou, everyone!

3 weeks left. Seriously? I cannot stand it when I hear a stateside Elder complain about how he can't wait to get out of the MTC. First of all, they obviously aren't here that long -- but I'd venture to say not long enough! It's intimidating enough for me to realize I only have 3 weeks left to shove all the Cantonese in my brain and receive as much spiritual inspiration as possible. 12 weeks isn't enough! The MTC is fantastic.

I want to thank everyone who has sent me letters. Especially moms -- people's moms always send the best letters because they always add in every nitty gritty detail backed up by their simple, profound testimonies. I love it.
Everybody and their mom should send me a letter.

Well, plenty has happened this week, but I can't really pinpoint one thing that stood out to me. I had a dream I went to Hong Kong and rode a bike on the inside hallway of an apartment complex. There were people everywhere staring up at me, sitting along the walls of the hallway. I felt intimidated by their looks, and I wasn't sure who to talk to. Suddenly, I recalled in Preach My Gospel the section that is entitled "Talk to Everyone." I parked my bike and began to excitedly run to every person I saw, shake their hand, and excitedly say, "LEIH HOU!" I woke up really excited to serve. Ya gotta love simple inspiration in the wee hours of the night.

My companions, Elder Passey, Elder Welker, and I have been very successful in our lessons this past week. We've focused together on teaching with more unity and teaching with more interactive and creative ideas. It's crazy how literally anything can be related to the gospel. Everything truly does revolve around Christ. Helping people become excited about their potential and what God has in store for them is a very enlightening experience personally, because it turns around and makes ME more excited. There is never a time where one can grasp the sheer magnitude that is contained within the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and in the Heavens. I have begun a new study journal that is very organized and sectioned out for the sole purpose of recording revelation as it comes day by day. I am convinced that with every day there is a gift from God that can be readily recognized if we open our hearts. If you go to bed at night and you haven't recognized a gift, than I don't think you had a successful day. Because we are given the long term end goal, we can more readily recognize the gifts in every day that ultimately lead toward that goal. I had a strong impression just yesterday that every single person on this planet has a spiritual gift. I want to help people recognize not only how God can help them, but the gifts He has ALREADY given them. How much more willing is a person to give back when the recognize their blessings are already abundant, whether they are poor or rich, weak or strong, healthy or sick.

In class, we have an hour dedicated to practicing teaching every week. This week I became very passionate, because the person I was supposed to be addressing had a question that means a lot to me. I've had my moments letting myself become very angry and passionately against the corruption that exists in the world. Oh there is plenty of it. One of the Sisters who was acting the role said to me, "I want to help people, but I feel like I can't make a difference. I'm not going to change the world make a difference among the corruption that is solidified within the creeds that run our country and the world." I remember looking at her, clarifying what her problem was, and looking her straight in the face and saying, "You're wrong." D&C 18:10 (I think). Every soul is great in the sight of God. May I suggest to you all, that if you think there is something that you cannot do, you are heeding one of Satan's greatest lies? If I can help just ONE soul in Hong Kong, then I know that I've made a difference. This is the salvation of a human soul we're talking about. This is helping a person turn to the source of greatest happiness; the kind that lasts forever! Through Him, you can do anything. I seriously believe that. It is conditional on turning yourself to Him. Through humbling ourselves to God, we recognize divinity. When we give back our gifts, we recognize eternity. Take it from me; I've spent too much time growing up letting anger towards corruption manipulate my senses and lift me up in my pride. Be humble. Give. Just give. Christ did it, and does it every day if you look to the heavens and ask for it.

Just look at the snake, it'll heal you. It really is that simple. I know that is true, and I know God lives. I have so many words that I am anxious to pour out to you all, but if there is something you don't know, I challenge you to find out. Because you can, and you will if you give yourself back. This Gospel is true.

Much love,
Elder Hazen

P.S. Mom, I love you.

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