Thursday, April 19, 2012

The work is progressin​g

Good morning! Hong Kong is the best mission in the world.

What an awesome and productive week we've had. There was a Zone Find in our area, which means that about 20 missionaries concentrated their efforts in Aberdeen for about 2 hours to find more people to teach. It was such a blessing because last week we had no progressing investigators and not enough numbers to call, and those people we did schedule fong feigei'd us. (no show). I'm happy to report that we have about 4-5 new and scheduled investigators, and one of our investigators who wasn't progressing before I came now has a baptismal date next month. We have a list of numbers to call that we haven't even called yet, and there is seriously so much to do! I feel like I'm on fire.

A few great experiences. A couple days ago I was on a 24 hour exchange, and went finding for 3 hours with my temporary companion. We were a little annoyed after experiencing some sass from a group of four drunkards that "wanted to be taught" and then no success with nearly everyone else. I didn't feel terribly discouraged, but we didn't seem to find anyone truly willing to listen. As I was walking and asking a question about Cantonese to my companion, I noticed a woman around 60 years old walking next to me and listening. Naturally I started talking to her. She was going to go shopping, but after we shared a message she asked where our church was. My companion asked
her if she'd like to go there some time, and the woman replied, "Now?" I think my companion said the wrong thing and she thought we meant to take her there. We said, "Sure, if you have time." She then followed us for at least the 10-15 min walk it took to get back to the chapel. Unfortunately, the placing of the chapel is not very good, and it had some construction around it. She didn't want to go in with us and kept saying the word "pik jihng" which we learned later meant "secluded." She was naturally afraid of the prospect of being alone with 2 foreign men in suits in some secluded building. Then suddenly the Sister missionaries walked out. I'd like to call it a little miracle that because they showed up, we all gave her a tour of the chapel and the sisters taught her a lesson. Right place at the right time? I think so.

Also, I have been able to teach some of the most humble and receptive people ever this week. This 19 kid named A-Jung came to hear our message. At first I thought he was getting tired, but every time we asked him a question he came back with a soft-spoken and thoughtful answer. We knelt together as he prayed about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and our message, and after he prayed he continued kneeling. The room was silent for at least 7 minutes straight as he continued to kneel and pray silently and wait for inspiration. The Spirit was seriously about to burn the building down it was so strong. He was so humble, and afterwards he said he felt quiet peace, and felt the Spirit. We rescheduled. We are afraid of his family going anti on him, so we are praying to see him again tonight.

The greatest thing I learned from that experience was simply the fact that it was the first time I experienced intense joy watching someone else recognize God speaking to them. I remember what my mission call said about feeling greater joy and happiness as I labor among His children. God keeps His promises, because I've been feeling them come to pass every single day.

Everyone, don't forget that God loves you, and that even at the times you let pride rule your will, He is merciful and continues to guide you more than you realize. I know that I've been so prideful in the past, and am indebted to my God for giving me this opportunity to serve Him. Participating in His eternal work gives me more happiness and joy than I could have ever imagined. If you believe that you can have success, and you have faith that God will help you, He will shape you to become the greatest person this mortality allows you to become. Have faith and stretch your limits, God will always provide a way for His servants.

God bless you all!

Love Elder Hazen

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