Thursday, June 14, 2012

Carried By the Spirit

Ngohge pahngyauh, leih hou!
Mom, Trevor, and Dad. Ireland sounds so awesome. Once you've successfully traveled the entire British Isles, I am unashamed to request a Tartan patterned tie from Scotland, a kilt (don't act like I haven't requested one of those since I knew they existed), and a picture of Trevor clogging on a table in an Irish pub.
I only have 15 minutes left for the rest of my time -- Today was a busy day.
I wish I could eloquently describe to you all what it feels like to be carried by the Spirit of the Lord. A few days ago I felt like I was literally on fire; I was not to be stopped from preaching to every person I saw. I did not want to sleep that night, I was so full of energy, and it may be interesting to note that I did not eat or drink until 9:30pm that day. In the wet humidity that the Hong Kong summer is bringing, and the pace that we were going on the streets that day, there is no question in my mind that there was an extra source of energy beyond the adrenaline of missionary work.
By the end of the night we had obtained 14 numbers, taught a few lessons on the streets, placed Book of Mormons, and had miracle contacts to replace the no-shows. A quick cool story -- we had a miscommunication with a former investigator we planned to meet, and because we didn't want to miss him we literally ran to the place we agreed on. When I had nearly arrived I saw a kid looking at me like he recognized the missionaries, so I figured it must be Rex, the former (I'd never seen him before). So I ran directly at him and said, "mhouyisi, mhouyisi!" (sorry sorry) and he smiled and shrugged and said no problem. I obliviously began introducing myself like he knew who I was, but after Elder Ng started talking it became clear that this was not Rex. A sense of urgency to find Rex rushed over me, but we could not see him. So Elder Ng picked up the phone and said to me, "Get his number." Flustered, it did not cross my mind that we'd literally said nothing to this kid, and I just looked at him and asked him if I could write down his number. As if we were best friends he was like, "Of course," and I wrote it down.
20 seconds later, a friend met up with this guy and he walked away. Rex never showed. If I had not run to this man in my hurry to see Rex, I would have never got his number.
I have a testimony that God guides His children when he finds them diligently serving him with all of the fire and energy that they have within them. He guides us into having successes we could not have previously fathomed. I know these stories are simple, but the messages are priceless.
My friends, God is among us. Among the suffering, among the pained, among the afflicted, among the happy and fortunate. I know this work is true, and my testimony magnifies moment by moment. I am carried about by the Spirit, and I will have it no other way.
I love you all, and pray for your success. Find the source of truth!!
Elder Hazen
A view of Hong Kong in Aberdeen area

Chicken feet again. A little less deep fried, a little more texture.

Us Elders in the apt. in West Point, the smallest apt. in Hong Kong.

I'm just much too proud of this not to send it. I drew a picture of Thomas S. Monson in district meeting using the Liahona to the left.

Making a card for Brother C.

The pen is mightier than the sword.

Finished product of the card. The most elaborate one we've ever made. China Hong Kong Temple shaped.

Preaching to Buddha. We figure if we can capture his heart, than Buddhists will be more open to our message as a natural result.

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