Thursday, December 27, 2012

Coming to Christ for Christmas!

This has to be extremely short, we weren't really given a P-day this week.
I'm so happy I got to talk to you all on Christmas! I'm so sorry that it seemed so short, I felt like I blabbered on about things that didn't matter. There's so many stories to tell and feelings to share that it's nigh impossible to really get anything out at all in 30-40 minutes. So for Mother's Day let's just have a normal chat like you probably all wanted to and I think it will be better. So good to hear all your voices.
Zach! YOU BEAST. That's the most legit cowboy stache I've ever seen. I don't know what the heck it's doing on your face, and I about popped out of my seat when I saw that little video clip Brian sent. So hilarious.
S was baptized on Sunday. He spoke for 8 and a half minutes at his baptism because he assumed he had to prepare a talk for it. His life is completely turned around. In describing the way he felt about his whole experience he told everyone in his testimony that he wasn't sure if he was breaking the 10 Commandments because he "coveted" Heavenly Father's love. He's so happy.
We just finished having the Open House. It was the craziest activity ever -- SO many people have come in contact with the church in the past few days. Sorry for the negative sound on the phone call -- I LOVED the Open House. It just beat me up with exhaustion. And today we had the most intense lesson of our lives because of it. A man who lives nearby came to the Open House and met with us today, telling us that his wife and kids went missing in Mainland 10 years ago and he has been looking for them ever since, with no job and no purpose other than finding them again. Assuming that they're dead, he came to the Open House wanting to know more about Jesus Christ before commiting suicide so that he could go to Heaven and see them again. It was intense and very serious, but he is a willing man and hopefully we'll be able to help him turn his life around and find the truth.
So many more things to say. Know that I'm well, that God is with us, and the work is progressing. God's truth rolls on.
Love, Elder Hazen
Merry Christmas!

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