Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Light Heart, and a Strong Mind

May 19, 2013
Hello friends and family,
The week has been good. We managed more lessons and have focused a lot on help with the Ward. They have been improving their enthusiasm in missionary work, and the Bishop has called 5 Ward Missionaries to increase our army -- three of whom are preparing for missions of their own and one of whom is a friend named Francis who was baptized on Easter, someone you've all heard about. His desire to understand the gospel and become an effective advocate of the truth himself is inspiring, and he seemed more ready to serve and share his testimony than any of the other Ward Missionaries. We gave them a training on Sunday, and we're excited to get them out with us.
President Hawks told me something this week that really stood out to me. "The Lord has commanded us to have a light heart, not a light mind."
The other day I saw Elder Woo pick up the phone and call a woman we met on the street whose head is boiling with a mix of truth and false doctrines. She said, however, that she was looking for the true church.
About as soon as E. Woo introduced himself on the call and asked Mrs. Lee if she had time to meet, he was assailed with a stew of twisted doctrine and presumptuas accusations about the church; the infamous "Mo Muhn Gaau." The more he answered her questions calmly and succinctly, the more it seemed I heard the small, impatient voice squek from the phone with increased tones of anxiety and misunderstanding. Then I saw something incredible happen. Elder Woo began to laugh. Not mockingly or accusingly, but heartily! He kindly asked her to calm down and continued to explain. Ever time she fired back, Elder Woo looked at me with an excited smile on his face and delivered a brief, clear answer to which the little voice had very little to squeak. He bore his testimony of the truth, encouraged and blessed her, and commited to call again soon.
Elder Woo demonstrated to me a fine example of having a light heart but a powerful mind. When I've found myself in similar situations, I've let my heart become heavy with aggravation and indignation towards my uninformed assailants. It is a light heart, one that is enlarged to allow room for patience, charity, and cheerfulness, and a strong mind, one that retains the capacity to think clearly under pressure, respond with conviction, and receive thoughts formed by the Spirit, that enables a man or a woman to effectively advocate the truth and be a witness for Christ. I love my companion.
God bless you all this week,
Elder Hazen
picture: After training all the Ward Missionaries. Francis on the left of me.

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