Monday, May 13, 2013

God Bless the Mother's of the Earth

May 13, 2013
Happy Mother's Day!
It was good as always to talk to the family. You all sound great and full of success and seem to have even greater goals for the future. Keep that up.
This week has been a little rough with the lack of investigators. One person we had been teaching that we had initially intended to baptize yesterday sort of fell off the face of the planet (aka never picked up the phone again and didn't show up to the lesson). The others who have a lot of potential are just too busy for their own good (I'm not kidding) and it seems that the Lord has willed a determined Elder Hazen and Elder Woo to stay on the streets yet again this week and search out some lost sheep.
Mom and family, I hope you all know how much I love you all. It's been such a blessing to be loved and cared for by each of you. It seems that lately I've been running into so many broken families that I've become so aware of the blessing that my family has been to me growing up. Countless cases of mother's doing all the raising of children and financial support with husbands who gamble away their earnings and mysteriously don't ever come home at night to sleep by their side. We have one investigator, a 50 year old mother, in such a situation. Hearing her lament of the difficulties of being a mother alongside being in denial that her marital relationship of zero communication is damaging her family, I can't help but pray in earnest in behalf of all the broken families throughout the world, and express whole-hearted gratitude for mine which has been knit together by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
That said, Mom, I love you. I'm doing everything I can to serve the Lord in righteousness. I'm probably weakest of your sons and have little to say but be grateful for your example of endurance and perseverance, and commend you for the family that you have nurtured to maturity. God bless all the Moms out there with their God-given determination to bring happiness and love to all the children of the earth.
Elder Hazen
mothers day present: I made Elder Woo take a picture of me on the MTR. Sorry for the increasing lack of photography.

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